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What Makes Us Worth Hiring?

If mosquitoes are annoying you while you’re trying to enjoy your property, it’s time to do something about it! Skeeter Beater is the mosquito control solution for you. We use products safe for people, pets, and the environment. Plus, the ingredients in our product eliminate fleas and ticks, at no additional cost to you! If you want to work with a proven, mosquito-control company that guarantees their work, choose Skeeter Beater today.

Reclaim Your Yard

Was 2020 the year you planned your dream wedding, or any other big event and you had to postpone it?  Kick off Summer 2021 hosting a backyard wedding, graduation, or any other celebration that was delayed, and enjoy being able to get together again with friends and family with a safe and mosquito free backyard!!

What We Offer You

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Mosquito Control

Get rid of those mosquitoes before your event, at your park, or around your home. We guarantee 10 days of no mosquitoes.

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Pest Control

From insects to rodents, our pest control solutions eliminate the threat of disease carried by pests. We keep pests from returning.

“Definitely Do Recommend!”

“First time giving Skeeter a try and I am very pleased, I went out to pick tomatoes from my garden where normally it is invaded with mosquitoes and this time I was even able to have my little kids help, I was anxiously waiting for the night to prove the good decision I made choosing Skeeter and I am super happy with the results! Definitely do recommend! Thank you Jared awesome work and cleared my doubts!”

— Mariela

Reclaim Your Yard